Saturday, June 20, 2009


Go here for a short article on the making of this mural for the back of the hanger.

Random stuff.

Some Random photos and clips from the past week or so.
Some new art for the back of the Hanger.

Some of the new obsticles.

Counselor/Instructor Jazz and Target awarders.

Target award winner, Blake, attempting suicide.

Week 2 ended yesterday. We had a good last day.

Target Awards.

Target Award Winners Damien, Blake, and Isaac

Mitch won a custom create a skate painted by visiting pro, Fabrizio Santos.

Buzzy explaining the rules of the backwards Crabwalk contest!

Target Camper of the week Damien attempt to ollie the double set for a Forest board!

A few slams down the double set didn't stop little Damien from getting his prize!

And that's just about everything that I have from Week 2. I had fun. I hope you all did too. Thanks to Fabrizio and the Forest dudes for all the gear, and Force trucks for hanging out.

Weekly Brian Johnson Bad Brains Bowl Jam!

Last year we started a semi weekly tradition called the Brian Johnson Bad Brains Bowl Jam in honor of Professional Counselor/Instructor Brian Johnson and his bowl jamming abilities! The kids all seem to enjoy it and the staff enjoys listening to Bad Brains full blast once a week. Here are some clips from our most recent BJBBBJ.

Here are the bowl jammers in action.

Jammers Jammin. Counselor/Instructor Matt Harvey jump kicks the wall. If you're concerned with the wall's feelings, don't worry, Matt got his. Just keep watching the videos.

Brian Johnson has gotten a lot better since last summer!

If you only watch one of these videos, watch this one. Matt Harvey takes one of the worst slams that I've seen in a while. He was actually laughing a few minutes after this.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Flyin Hawaiian Lyon!

Week 1 was like a Hawaiian invasion! Here's one of the flyin Hawaiian, Lyon, launching himself in last week's unified High Jump competition. Lyon was a cool kid, he plays the ukulele.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

From the rafters!

Alex Midler came for a quick visit today and caused quite an uproar when he decided to be the first to tail drop into the new banks in the back of the hanger! He took some slams but emerged victorious! Alex is the cutest kid alive.

He even got one of our visiting pros psyched up to try it too. Andrew Langi taildrops on his 18th birthday.

Other campers were inspired to huck themselves off of the walls as well. Here's Mitch bomb dropping in for Texas!

Matt Dodge total dud to total stud!!!

this is Matt before instruction @ Woodward West
Wha wha.....
Matt after instruction Varial heel.
Yeah Dodge.

more Olympunk photos

Inverted trampoline stall
properly roasted beef!!!
Pete throwing out the traders
total goons
Jed double heel flip to tail breakage.  

random olympunks photos.

those shirts will never be the same again.
the double set was lookin like a battle field.  pure carnage.
same for the foam pit.
carving the love seat like a true hesher.

Ted's Hot Dogs.

Ted's Hot Dogs didn't win the Olmpics this morning, but they should have based on their uniforms alone.

Super Horns!

Hurley Team Camp Video.

The Hurley team was here for Week 1 of camp! Here's a link to their video from camp.


More from Ethan Loy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

High Ollie contest coverage.

Today was the weekly Wednesday High Ollie contest. Here are some pictures of people making it and breaking it.

Here's little Nathan blasting over a foam wall that's as tall as him!

Here's him closer up all smooshed and blurry trying to lift his ollie as high as he can get it.

In the end, nobody could get over more than three block and we settled it with long distance ollie contest. I have no footage of that unfortunately.

Jazz Leeb

This is longtime camper turned first year employee of Woodward West Jazz Leeb grinding up what I think is one of the more fun obstacles at camp. This 5050 didn't come easy for Jazz, but I unfortunately missed his the monumental slam he took on the way to success.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Skateboard Director Tim Ward stretching out with the skateboarders in the morning! An important daily activity at camp.

Monday, June 15, 2009


We had some major hotdoggers at the manual contest today.

Here we have Instructor/OSI Sweet Unique Pete trying to out manual the kids.... he didn't.

And next is Counselor/Instructor Brian Johnson daffying his way to the finish line!

Face painting gone.......right?

We had our first major face painting accident today and poor Jacie lost an eye.

Little man over the deathbox

It doesn't take much to spice up instruction. Here our youngest camper, 7 year old Dylan Sullivan, carves over the newly placed deathbox in the bowls!

This boy knows no fear!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Demo.

The Sunday afternoon demo went off without a hitch! Bright Yellow staff shirts flipping and spinning all over the map. Here's Woodward West's new Music Director Skyler Sorenson soaring some crazy gap!

Fun stuff

One of last week's Target Award winners, Barry Leonard showing off the guns!

Hammerz had been Had

Here's a video that camper Jake Asdel sent me when he heard that I had started a Woodward skate blog. It's called Hammerz Had Been Had, and it was filmed in one thursday afternoon and was ready in time to close out the talent show that night!

Art and skateboarding coming together for the very first time.

The back of the Hanger got some new ink!

E Loy Visit!

Ethan Loy paid us a visit the other day and did a little number on the double set rail in the back of the hanger!