Saturday, August 1, 2009


As much as we like all of our campers, some come along now and again that just blow our minds. Without meaning too, these kids make our week better by just being funny kids and making us laugh. This video is a week in the life of one of those campers. We met Bammer last summer when he was newly 7 years old. He came back this year a little older and we got to see a lot more of his interesting personality. We're definitely looking forward to seeing what kind of dude Bammer grows up to be.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Campers with talents

Long time skate camper Rad melting faces with a drum solo.
The mini skate campers started their own dance group called the Barbie Boyz.
Their performance was ground breaking.
Their moves were icy hot.

Kristian Svitak, Lindsay, and Skyler's band

The band jammin. Lindsay on guitar, Skyler on bass, and Kristian on drums.  
Shutting it down for the crowd.

Every thursday night at camp is the talent show and Lindsay and Skyler always perform.  This week they included visiting pro Kristian Svitak into their band.

Olympunk winners, and board finders

Week 8 Olympunk winners with their newly acquired loot.

1031 pro Kristian Svitak hid a few boards in the Hangar and these lucky guys found them.

Week 8 Friday games!

After thuggin', all the skateboarders met up in the back of the Hanger for some games!

The line for 'Skate or Dice' with Hannah about to roll the dice

Here's Caden helping us out and some spectators watching the hippy jump contest!

Bammer confused my camera for a fly and attempted to swat it!

Week 8 Thuggin'

A panoramic shot of the thuggin' grounds

Lucas was ready to swat any fly or challenger who got in his path

The sharks were looking scary this morning

Here's Bammer and Jonathan watching from the safe zone!

The Thuggin' ensues

Week 8 Target Awards!

The crowd gathers

And the winners are crowned. Here's skateboarding's three Target award winners: Jonathan, Max, and Roger! Congratulations guys and thanks for being cool kids!
We gave away another award to another awesome camper. Keaton won this board that was handpainted by the 1031 team.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week 8 Thursday stuff.

Week 8 Thursday antics.
Thursday is big day for us skateboarders at Woodward West. Olympunks in the morning, 1031 product hiding and mini ramp contest in the afternoon, and then Brian Johnson Bad Brains Bowl Jam(bjbbbj), Game of Skate, and then talent show in the evenings! Big day.

Brian Johnson Bad Brains Bowl Jam

The man behind the Jam, Brian Johnson and the other jammers.

Disappearing act!

Sky flyin' around.

Visiting Ipath and Birdhouse team rider Jaws battles is out with OSI/instructor Lucas Hancock. (actually related to John Hancock(("The" John Hancock)))

We have another new obstacle in the back of the Hanger now!

Camper Roger uses the new contraption to learn one of skateboarding's greatest treasures....The Wallie!

Sid Melvin takes a different approach and kickflips up and over.

But he saw Roger do the wallie and decided that he'll have what Roger's having, and then some.

Wk 8 Mini Ramping

Week 8 Mini Ramp.

Kevin beanplanting to fakie in the intermediate division!

The winners and their winnings!

1031 skateboard hunt!

Kristian Svitak and Ben Raybourne from the 1031 team hid a couple of boards in Hanger while the kids were at lunch.... the foam pit was a mob scene!

Foam was everywhere, it took us a good half an hour to get all the foam blocks back into the foam pit!

but it was worth it in the end. Two lucky campers walked away with brand new 1031 boards. More pictures coming soon.

Things get weird on Thursdays

Cody is a rippin alien dude!!!
Bammer has packed on a few pounds @ camp.
Check out this posse of ruffians.

Some visiting goofballs

1031 & Ipath pro Ben Raybourn is a dancing machine.  he will boogie your face off then shred!!!

Birdhouse and Ipath am Aaron "Jaws" Homoki gets some cross training in learning backies on a BMX into the foam.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 8 Wednesday.

Popped into the mini cabin today and hung out with Caden and his buddy.

I caught up with Caden again later while him and most of his cabin were skating the Crater!

It's awesome to see these dudes hanging out skating as a group.

Week 8 High Ollie

High Ollie Contest on a Wednesday??????!!!!!???? just kidding. We always do it on Wednesdays! Here's the winning ollie.

Don't sweat Jake on this ollie, it was the wind that knocked the blocks over.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 8 manuel gods!!!

These men have amazing balance on two wheels.  Left to right; Roger 2nd place, Anthony 1st place, and Antonio 3rd place.

Face painting Mondays

Richie is the Michelangelo of face painting.
Keaton is now a tiger child.
Even skateboard director Tim got some fresh ink.
Omp a lompa eyebrows, so hot right now.

New Shoes!

The Woodward store now sells Ipath Shoes!

Lots of them!

Week 8. Random stuff.

At Woodward West, we're all about encouraging long lasting friendships.
Here camper Sky makes an unlikely friend in the tiny lizard.

We also encourage our female campers to wear their mustaches proudly!

Week 8
A new week means another exciting Crater Demo! If you look close, you can see little Jagger tearing it up! A new crop of kids awaiting details for the week.

The 1031 team should be here later today, along with vert visitors Zack Miller and Josh Stafford.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 7 ends.

Week 7 has ended and Week 8 begins tomorrow, but somewhere in between Woodward West hosted the first of five contests of the 8th Annual King of the Groms contest series!

Frequent camper, Alex Midler was one of the big winners today. Anyone who's ever seen him skate should not be surprised. Alex isn't just amazing for his age, he's just amazing. And he's an awesome kid too.