Monday, August 24, 2009

week 11 skater dudes.

Skateboard director Tim looking cool in his new shades.
Otterslide bowling.
Issacc and Brian celebrating their long hair and sliding.

Week 11 skater dudes.

week 11 olympunks winners.
Sam and his lady friend.
Sean Pablo and Cody look on as Sam naps.
Old Dirty Jud!!!
Skateboard director Buzzy and his right hand man Luke taking a cotton candy break.

Week 11 skater dudes.

Max is a serious hot head.  Here he is coolin out.
Christian and Luke have similar fashion sense.
Super instructor Brian Johnson backsmith in the middle of a balloon pit.
Ex-skateboard director Bart Jones stopped by camp and as you can see camper Jake was pretty happy to see him.
Angry mob.


Johnny Layton with a wallie over a neck high barrier.
J-Lay switch trebomb down the double stack.
Josh Harmony smith grind, Bart is sitting front row taking notes.
For you dedicated minions check more Toy Machine/Woodward West coverage HERE.


Josn Harmony frontside nose grind, onlookers look on.
Neen Williams nasty heel clicker, or heel flip.
Nick Trepasso front blunt.
Matt Bennett fronted nose skid.
Get your otter graphed.  

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Final event of the summer

Week 11 Balloon Bash!!!
Pretty in Pink The 'line' of people waiting their turn to shred the bowl of balloons.

Polish Panther and Supergirl Amelia Brodka makes her way in and out of the pink balloons!

I think this is Jake Asdel but I'm not sure!

Unidentified camper knockin balloons all over everywhere

Instructor Lucas Hancock!

The balloon bash was an amazing time and an awesome way to close out the summer. It just goes to show how such a simple thing can be so much fun.