Saturday, July 18, 2009

week 6 odds and ends

Charlie shows off his Create-a-Skate board signed by the Dvs team!

Garrett plays a facemelter!

Osi/instructor/counselor Ted Schmitz gets tons of air during the Monday Action sports demo!

Week 6 Friday

target award winners Jacob and Jesse! Well done boys.

The 2nd weekly Game of SKATE, newly named 'Havoc in the Hanger,' wrapped up tonight with Davis as the winner.

But before the Havoc in the Hanger happened, the street contest went down. It was a good one too. Here is the crowd anxiously awaiting the results!

After the results were announced, the sticker hungry crowd was fed!

The winners of beginner, intermediate, and advanced celebrating their victories!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday Brian Johnson bowl bash

Thursday nights also means Brian Johnson Bad Brains Bowl Jam or BJBBBJ as we call it! We started this weekly tradition last summer and are keeping it alive every Thursday. We get everyone together for a bowl session and play Bad Brains on full blast! Counselor/instructor/osi and all around hype man Ted Schmitz gets everyone psyched up for the bowl jam!

The man behind the jam, Brian Johnson himself backside smith grinding while the hype squad goes ballistic!

Even Brazilians love to bowl jam!

Week 6 Mini Ramp contest coverage!

Thursday at camp also means weekly mini ramp contest!
Here are the winners in no particular order!
(Ricky,Troy, Harrison, Max, Jacob, Dawson, Max C, Dalton, and Griffin)

Tanner frontside bigspins in intermediate!

Dalton takes the advanced division! Dalton skates vert so for him this feels like the super micro ramp.

And while he's at it, he'll do 540s in a five foot ramp.

Week 6 Thursday

More from Thursday's Olympunks Challenge.
Kids gathering after Olympunks

The Olympunks themselves anxiously awaiting the results.

A private product toss for the winning team!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 6 Olympunk winners!!!

DVS sponsored the skate olympunks this week so the winning team won a grip of DVS gear.  Don't ask me about the man in the unitard, it isn't even one of the challenges.  

Daewon came and left cracker crumbs, and empty cheese wrappers everywhere.

Daewon teaching the youngsters the ways of the blunt to every flip trick known to man.
Daewon backside ollie.
Daewon fully engulfed in the cheese and the crackers.  Blunt treflip fakie!!!
Daewon signin camper grip.

DVS week @ camp post#2

Andrew Brophy bluntslide on the up ledge in the back of the Hangar.
Zered Bassett nollie cab switch crooks with ease.
The crowd and a hunched Daniel.
DVS team

DVS week @ camp post#1

The DVS team came and conquered the hearts and eyes of campers this week.  The line up is Andrew Brophy, Jimmy Cao, Zered Bassett, Daniel Castillo, Marty Murowski, and super special appearance by Daewon Song!!!

Zered Bassett frontside nose slide in the back of the Hangar.

Marty Murowski signing a water bottle for his biggest fan.
Andrew Brophy flew all the way from Australia to sign camper's boards.
Jimmy Cao kickin it with some campers.
Benjihanna gives the DVS team two thumbs up and his best hairdo.

Week 6 DVS Demo!

Some minor coverage of yesterday's DVS demo in the back of the Hanger. Better pictures will be coming soon.

Daniel Castillo and Zared Basset in the forerground and the roaring crowd in the background.

Marty Murawski

Jimmy Cao

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Visiting Pros

Daewon Song and the Dvs team (Danel Castillo, Zared Basset, Marty Murawski, Jimmy Cao, and Andrew Brophy) are here right now getting warmed up for a demo later on tonight. Here is a list of the rest of the visiting pros coming this summer!

Week 7: Consolidated (Kyle Berard & Mike Peterson)
Week 8: 1031 (Kristian Svitak, Chad Knight, and Ben Rayborn)
Week 9: Foundation skateboards team
Week 10: Dekline Shoes team
Week 11: Toy Machine skateboards team

Here's a video of the Ipath Team skating Woodward West from Week 4 of this summer!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 6

Week 6 Skateboard Campers and Staff, good lookin' group!
(click on picture to blow it up for a better look)

Camper contributions!

Here's some photos from Week 1-3 taken by Dish dog Connor Vickers!

Not from Week 6.

This is from earlier this summer when The Hurley Team was here. Here's Ethan Loy, Nick Fiorini, Ted Schmitz, Ari Shiffrin, and David Loy attacking the hubba late one night!

Week 6

Week 6 Manual contest winners(well, some of them)
Kanaan, Benjihana, Cash, and Max Thayler

week 6

Elijah made a new friend today.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Week 6 Sunday Demo!

Counselor and Instructor of the year, Brian Johnson, demo-ing for the skateboarders on the first day of Week 6!

Backside smith grind!

WEEK 5 Bros, dudes, and shreders

Week 6 (but not from week 6)

First post of week six isn't even from week 6.

I have no words for this video. Enjoy?