Saturday, August 8, 2009

Corey Duffel made a big impression on the kids this week, Jacob even started dressing like him. I'm not quite sure who Giles was imitating with his new leotard look.

Week 9 Target and Tap awards

our three outstanding campers of the week: Taj, Madriano, and Nolan

Some serious drama went down at Thuggin when Rebecca realized that Amelia was wearing the same shirt as her, total faux pas Amelia.

Camper Elijah and his instructor Jeff boardslide during instruction!

Friday, August 7, 2009

More foundation Super Post!!!

Abdias RIvera frontsideflip the double set.
Abdias Rivera backside flip from sign to sign.
Free boards from the F troop!!!
Autographs were to be had from Corey Duffle, Angel Ramirez, and Abdias Rivera.

Foundation Super Post!!!

Abdias Rivera front feeble the doubleset rail.
Angel Ramirez backlip the doubleset rail.
Abdias Rivera backside noseblunt during the Foundation demo.
Angel Ramirez switch heel the doubleset.

Foundation Team at Woodward.

The Foundation guys have been putting up their own Woodward updates. Go here to see more pictures of their time here at camp.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 9 Foundation Demo

Some terrible quality cell phone clips of the Foundation demo in the back of the Hanger!

Abdias Rivera 5-0s with ease!

Abdias abides by the signs and backside flips from one to the other!

Angel Ramirez kickflip 50-50s da bump ta hubba!

Angel warming up for something big!!!!!

Abdias frontside pop shuvits and Angel tries to back him up

Angel came through an shut the demo down with an amazing switch heelflip down and amazing double set

Week 9

Some coverage of the week 9 mini ramp contest

Here's little Nolan getting down in the beginner division!

Classic podium shot
Here's all of the winner from beginner, intermediate, and advanced!

Corey Duffle and his Duffmen

Corey in a sea of helmets.
Corey and a few of his loyal minions.
The crew of Duffmen.

Corey Duffel and the rest of the Foundation team is at camp this week and today we had a Duff-a-like contest.  There was a good turn out of Duffle look a likes.

Week 9 random shredding

Rio with a frontboard
Kickflip the double set in the junkyard
Super instructor Darth Jeff
Sometimes you break the board and sometimes the board breaks you.

Week 9 mugshots

Deer in the headlights.
5 o'clock shadow
President Obama stopped by to skate.
Mild mannered young man.
Pizza sauce face.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

havoc in the hanger week 9

Some coverage of our weekly game of skate tournament, the Havoc in the Hanger #4
Here's Skate director Buzzy squaring off against camper Daniel.

Shopkeep, Ari, was this week's Wildcard player. His game against camper Rio had to be played in the shop because Ari had to work, and boy did he ever have to put in work to compete with the flatground skills of Rio!

The fatal blow!

Dvs team visit from a few weeks ago!

A few weeks ago the DVS team came to Woodward West. They took some cool photos and made an awesome video!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dylan Weiss is a mad man!!!!

Not every kid comes to camp and stands out on the first day, but Dylan did.  The man is a good skateboarder, and has the ability to lose more stuff then any kid I have ever worked with.
Dylan loses gravity for a moment while he blasts an air over the hip in the Crater.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 9 Group shot

Week 9 Skateboarders!

King of the Groms coverage

Two weeks ago camp hosted the King of Groms Qualifier contest.  There were knee high rippers all around camp.  

When the dust settled little Alex Middler was crowned.
Evan Wasser won best grill.
Me being a small man was even included in the Grom events.

Check out more photos from the event here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week 8 Street comp

Week 8 Street contest was a good one.

Here's Cody blurring the line between street and vert with this air from the mini ramp into the street course during the beginner contest!

The advanced division gets hectic at times. Antonio Moya frontside 180s to flat while Anthony Anaya backflips his way to 1st place.

Week 8 Vert

Week 8 was vert week.... Which means VERT CONTEST!
Anthony Anaya's winning vert contest run!

Anthony Anaya's victory lap!

Sky was so upset that Anthony won the vert contest he threw caution to the wind and jumped into the resi from the banister!

The competitors awaiting the results

Anthony celebrating his victory