Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week 10 Friday

Week 10 Target and Tap awards!

The crowd awaits

This week's Target campers of the week Cameron, Evan, and Cru! These guys helped make it the fun week that it was. Thanks for being awesome dudes!

After Target awards, it's game time. After and intense round of Thuggin', we skateoboarders met up in the back of the Hanger for the Hippy Jump contest.

Rowan and Evan running things!

Camper Alec with a hippy jump attempt and a funny reaction!

Instructor Amelia Brodka (aka The Polish Princess) approves!

Week 10 Mini Ramp

Week 10 mini ramp contest was a fun one to watch.

here are the winners celebrating

AJ handled the advanced division! He did actually land some stuff, just not this 540

More olympunks

a few flicks from Thursday's Olympunx challenges!

here instructors Ted and Preston have their groups team up and critique the Zack Wagner original painting together!
The flatbar session was a bit too crowded

These ladies wanted nothing to do with the absurd amount of dudes on the blue flatbar, so they kept their distance

Slater ollies from sign to sign, with a little help from his teammates!

Ace finds his way down this huge gap in the Plaza!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Week 10 olympunkness

Jousting in Poco Loco.
Tim can't stand looking at instructor Preston's buffness.
Jeff Lounsbury switch kickflip the double set in the Junkyard.
Max Knee showing his love for gymnastics, 50-50 the hubba in the junkyard with a unitard on.
It happens to the best of them.

Week 10 random lurkers

Ninja dude.
Chewing on a sweaty chin strap.
R.I.P. Biggie
Pretty normal dude.
Amelia's band of goons.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dekline team at camp!

Transworld has more footage from the Foundation team while they were here last week. Click here to see it, but be forewarned, the song they used has some bad words in it.

This week the Dekline shoes team (including Gareth Stehr, Austin Stevens, Matt Bennett, Jordan Taylor, Cezar Fernandez and Sid Melvin) is here skating with all the kids.

Here's Gareth looking surprised and hanging out with some campers!

click here to see more of their updates from camp.

Week 10

Another exciting round of SKATE happened tonight!

Guest announcer Chase calls it like he sees it.

McCoy setting up for a trick while the crowd awaits

A look into the Tanner vs Cameron game!

Week 10 High Ollie

Some high ollie contest carnage!

Aj posing with his winnings!

Group Shot

Week 10 Skateboarders!

Daewon and co. mini ramp video from camp

want to see Daewon make a cheese and cracker mess on the mini ramp? Come to camp and witness Daewons mini ramp runs.

Week 10 kickflip!

Camper Josh kickflips the double set in the back of the Hanger!

Foundation Team video from camp!

The Foundation team made a quick video of their time at Woodward West. Click here if you wanna see!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MapleXO and Skateistan!

Help us support two good causes. Lindsay from the Woodward shop has an amazing company called MapleXO that specializes in making jewelry out of recycled skateboards and skateboard wheels. Right now there is an auction going for a pair of autographed earrings made from an actual Corey Duffel Foundation board that Corey Duffel actually skated and then donated to MapleXO. 100% of the money made from the auction will go to supporting another amazing program called Skateistan, who's mission is to introduce and instruct skateboarding to young boys and girls in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Click here to place a bid and support an amazing program.

The mastermind behind this whole operation, Lindsay, launching herself into the foam blocks!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week 10

Week 10 began today

blurry photo of this week's batch of skateboard riders.

The Dekline Shoes team will be here later this week....... More updates to come!