Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back in the day........

Time traveling back to week 3! Ethan and I worked on getting ten tricks, but only ended up with 7.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Week 4

Friday street contest was off the chainlink! In honor of gurlz rule boys drool week we had ladies only division.

Here's Chelsea tossing her carcass!

Abby taking a break mid run!

These kids were hyped!

Lucky got 2nd place in the intermediate contest and acted like he personally won the superbowl and the dew cup at the same time! We're going to really miss having Lucky around here.

Gurlz rule!

but this girl ruled the contest the most! Abby claiming her 1st place winnings!

and a sticker toss to end it all!

Week 4 was pretty fun. Thanks to all da laydeez for comin' out for gurlz week and thanks to Ipath for being cool and hanging out this week.

Random things from week 4

Skate Director Buzzy Sullivan takes a gnarly spill while skating the 12 stair in the hanger during the monday afternoon action boi demo! Better luck next time Buzzy!

here's some rare footage of skate director Tim Ward defying gravity! As I type this, Tim is still trying to dig his way out of the foam pit.

Adult camper and winner of the 1st(and hopefully last) soft truck tic-tac race, Rosa felt like it would be a good idea to nollie lipslide the flatbar. I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted.

Here both skateboard directors get hassled by kids during Thursday's Olympunks challenges. I don't know kids, last time I checked, you want to be nice to the guys that decide who wins.

Alex Midler gets way too much attention, that's why I'm posting this clip of the older more responsible Todd Midler. He had a little bit of an accident last week involving someone else's skateboard getting a little bit too friendly with his face, but he came back this week happier than can be and skated his face off..... hmmm. Poor word choice? probably. Todd is rad though, 5-0 to fakie over the bench.

Friday of week 4!

Week 4.

Friday started off pretty good. Target and Tap awards went off without a hitch!

After Target awards were given out, it was time for some games! We played a few rounds of Thuggin' in Poco Loco and then headed to the back of the hanger for the weekly hippy jump contest and Skate or Dice!

Here Tiny Tim jumps over his height at the hippy jump contest!

Here Taylor sets up for whatever trick the dice of destiny set out for her to do!

Here is Katlyn obeying the dice with a fakie heelflip.

Katlyn landed just about every trick that the dice ordered her to, therefore she has more stickers than everyone else! Gurlz rule boyz drool!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Week 4

It's Thursday at Woodward and that means it's the day of the Olympunks!

and it also means mini ramp contest! Here are the winners of beginner, intermediate, girls, and advanced divisions.

big wednesday!

Big day yesterday! After instruction we had a high ollie contest, then a vert demo put on by some of our visiting pro ladies in honor of girls rule week, then after dinner we had an Ipath demo in the back of the hanger,

(ipath product toss)

then a video premiere for the unreleased Black Label video, God Save the Label, then straight to the day's main event.... The first ever Heelflip Contest!
Here's Christian, winner of the official heelflip contest (9 out of 10 heelflips)

He also won the impromptu 3flip contest that was held after the heelflip contest (landing 9 out of 10 trebombs)

Silent killer Katlyn landed 30 kickflips in a row to win the impromptu kickflip contest!

So all in all it was a super fun day, thanx to Ipath (Ryan Lay, Matt Rodriguez, Nilton Nieves, and Adam Alfaro) for demo-ing. And double thanks to Adam for bringing the Label video for us to enjoy.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Visiting pros!

This could change at any time, but for now this summer's visiting pro schedule looks like this

Week 5: World Industries
Week 6: DVS
Week 7:Consolidated (Kyle Berard & Mike Peterson)
Week 8:1031
Week 9: Foundation
Week 10: Dekline
Week 11: Toy Machine

Here are some videos from visiting teams last summer!

Monday, June 29, 2009


It's girls week.

This is the girls group led by counselor/instructor Amelia Brodka!

Here's the girls spellin it out for yas!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 4 begins!

Week 4 is up and running! Lyn-z Adams Hawkins is here, the Ipath team will be here tomorrow. It's also girls rule week and to celebrate.... skateboard instructor/osi Ted Schmitz jumped the box jump on a bmx!

but not everytime!!!!!